Testing .. testing..

First blog entry here.. Can’t really promise this will become anything special. Mostly because of having 2 young kids.

^ Yeah those 3 sentences took 10 mins to write because I kept getting interrupted by my wonderful newborn son. Not his fault though.. poor kid has a breast milk addiction. I know, I know.. I took him to the doctor and apparently wanting to eat every 30 minutes is good for his health and he doesn’t need to be checked into baby rehab. –Which is great cause all they do there is let them cry it out until they get on a every 2 hour feeding schedule like those “normal” babies you read about in parenting books–  Now, if I could only do something about his hatred for bottles.. he only likes it straight from the source … *cue feminist eyeroll* men. 

Anyyyywayyss, sorry I babble sometimes. Hence the adorable name of the blog.

You may be wondering; Why did she start this blog? Does she have anything important and groundbreaking to say? ( The answer to the last one is probably not. Boom. Saved myself a paragraph.)

I’m starting this little blog because I am bored. Cause keeping 2 small children alive as a job is rewarding and sweet… but mostly  boring. Probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t  live in a dinky little town called No Where That Matters, Kansas. No family or friends around, just us. 😧

So, I guess I will start taking people’s advice and get a hobby. I thought maybe baking but I just had a kid.. so you know I’m half ass dieting and lying about how much exercising I do to try to get the weight off. Figure I shouldn’t add excessive sugar consumption to the mix.

I also tried couponing.. cause that seemed like a very Mommy thing to do. Got really good at it but stopped after buying my 75th bottle of shampoo and realized that I might have a problem.

— Please if you are suffering from a couponing addiction, get some help. Some symptoms may include:

* binge  watching Extreme Couponing

* blowing off date night to go to Target to see if they got anymore of that Oxi Clean in stock ( cause sooomeee bitch keeps clearing the shelf … I might still be mad about that 😒)

* Giving family members 100 boxes of cake mix because you have to move and can’t take it all with you –my Mother-in-law loves me just a little bit more for that 😉 (still writing it whether or not its true, Annette)–

And remember if you’re related to someone who doesn’t want to quit just yet, try not to judge them and just  enjoy the stock pile gift baskets you get at Christmas time.

But I digress…

So here I am. Trying to blog. Horrible spelling and grammar skills and all.. hope this turns out better than that time I tried to learn to crochet..



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